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Latest from the Blog

Books my 1.5 Year Old Loves

As someone who has been reading for personal pleasure for a long time, I’ve developed my own taste in books. Sometimes I can be a little weary about trying something new. Now that I’m a mom I need to put my big chapter books aside and help my daughter find books that she loves. SinceContinue reading “Books my 1.5 Year Old Loves”

This Year’s TBR

Like most book readers, I buy more books than I can read. So, I’ve made a deal with myself, if I read most of what I have so far, then I get to reward myself with at least one new book. Seems like a good plan, doesn’t it? Well, the only reason it’s working soContinue reading “This Year’s TBR”

February Wrap Up!

February was hard month for me, a lot of personal things were piling up and I found it hard to pick up a book. I have been trying to finish The Selection series. I’m on the last book. But because I read the first two so quickly it was hard to keep going. I doContinue reading “February Wrap Up!”

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