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Latest from the Blog

Captain Marvel

I didn’t know how I felt the first time I watching this movie. I think the masses got into my head. She was too powerful, too arrogant, too much. That simply wasn’t the case. I’m surprised with how much I liked this movie! As always, I will be hitting some plot points, so a spoilerContinue reading “Captain Marvel”

Josh and Hazel…

Hazel is a hurricane, a cinnamon roll and needs to be protected. Josh is put together and calm, but Hazel brings out the fun, adventurous side of him. Josh brings out the cool side of Hazel. Together I think they are amazing. I really love this story as them as friends. Josh and Hazel, bestContinue reading “Josh and Hazel…”

Little Women (2019)

I first saw this movie in December 2019 when it was released. It was the last movie I saw in theatres before it closed. I had the time of my life watching that movie in theatres and I watched it again recently and I wanted to talk about it. I didn’t write down any thoughtsContinue reading “Little Women (2019)”

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