Books my 1.5 Year Old Loves

As someone who has been reading for personal pleasure for a long time, I’ve developed my own taste in books. Sometimes I can be a little weary about trying something new. Now that I’m a mom I need to put my big chapter books aside and help my daughter find books that she loves.

Since the time she was five months old, she loved the retelling of Snow White. I received it as a gift for my baby shower. For the longest time it was the only book she would pick when given options.

When my sister was a toddler she loved Toad on the Road. Now we have the book and our daughter loves it. I’ve read it so much when my sister was growing up that I can recite the book without even looking at the pages.

My husband’s side is French, so we’re trying to introduce it to her now. She absolutely loves our copy of Le Canada C’est Moi. It’s a great book about Canada illustrated by thirteen different Canadian artists. It is so cute and fun!

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