Loki (series review and thoughts)

Normally I don’t post this often, and until recently I haven’t posted much at all. But I’ve got some great posts in mind and I’m really excited to share my thoughts!

If you haven’t known by now, I’m a big Marvel fan and Loki is one of my all time favourite characters (along with Wanda and Bucky). I’ve refrained from sharing any thoughts online since the show started because I wasn’t sure what to expect; every episode was left me feeling a whole bunch of emotions. *this is your spoiler warning*

First of all, I’m obsessed with the show. I love the characters; Loki is fantastic, Sylvie is incredible, Mobius is great (despite me not caring for Owen Wilson’s acting). I know many people are not on the ship of Loki and Sylvie, but I can’t help it! I’m on both sides, technically. On the one hand I love the budding friendship between them, how Loki is learning not to constantly betray the people he cares about, but on the other romance is something I love in my movies, shows, and books. And to see Loki learning to love someone other than himself (ignoring the fact that she’s a variant version of Loki) brings me joy. The show is great for character development, and I’m living for it. I’m not sure there’s anything I don’t like about it.

I’ve seen a lot of fan theories going around, and because I don’t know much about the comics, I can’t make any theories of my own, but I like watching TikToks of other people coming up with what they think is going to happen.

As for the season finale, at first I thought it was a rubbish ending. Mobius confused about who Loki was, Ravonna disappearing into who knows where, and Sylvie completely destroying the timeline. Again, I don’t know much about the comics, but that kiss! I have mixed feelings about it. Remember how I shipped them? I think after the kiss, it felt off almost forced. She used it as a distraction which is fine, she had ulterior motives and so did he. They weren’t a team at the end. I sat in my hatred for the ending until it was revealed that we’re getting a season two! Because with a season two we’re going to get more on He Who Remains and the Multiversal War.

I was underwhelmed by the ‘big baddie’ because he wasn’t big or a baddie. He was a regular guy, or rather a variant of the big baddie which we will most likely see in season two. After the initial confusion, I realized it’s important that he wasn’t a big baddie yet, we needed to see the variant of himself in order to wonder what lies ahead. He was very eccentric and charming. I’m excited to see what’s to come of the variants.

I hope we get more depth to Sylvie, her nexus event, and what her relationship to her Thor was (as we’ve gotten a brief summary with the other Loki variants’ Thor).

Overall, excellent show 50/70 or 51% (breakdown below)

hero 9/10
side characters 8/10
villain 5/10
action 6/10
dialogue 6/10
story 7/10
technical aspects 9/10

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