The Soulmate Equation

We are starting the new year off STRONG!

*There will be potential spoilers in this review.*

Okay, so technically I read The Soulmate Equation at the end of 2021, but I’ve yet to finish a book this early into 2022 so we’re just going with it.

Christina Lauren is my favourite author at this point. Everything they write is pure magic. I have such a great time reading their books. But this one felt different. It felt like a romantic fantasy. It was the epitome of misunderstood enemies to lovers. Our main man, River, is the shy type, but he comes off as brooding and rude. Our main girl, Jess, is a hot mess. Her life is chaotic and all over the place and River’s is in order with nothing seeming out of place.

They’re supposedly the perfect match, according to River’s soulmate matchmaking dating app. They hit it off and the sexual tension between them is palpable. Christina Lauren knows exactly how to create a romantic build up.

I believed that these people were made for each other, I had my heart set on them getting married by the end of the book. And though they didn’t end up married, they were planning on moving in together.

The only thing I wish we got from the book was their true DNADuo results. There was a hit to it, but I needed the number explicitly written. I needed to know how compatible Jess and River were, though I understand why she didn’t want to know.

*add photo of book here*

My rating? Obviously it’s a five star. I loved the characters, I thought they were fun and well written, though a little over the top more so than normal people are, but they’re so fun I can’t fault it.

I loved the romance, the story, the settings, everything. Am I reading their books with rose tinted glasses? Perhaps. Will I stop? No.

Until next time nerds, keep it real.

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