CA: The First Avenger

We are starting off on a good note. Though it isn’t the highest of rating, I’m sure it won’t be my lowest. If you haven’t seen my Marvel predictions, go to my Instagram and check them out! This isn’t going to be a deep analysis on characters and theme and tone. It’s more so how I felt watching the movie. I’m totally open to having a more in depth conversation, as I cannot possible write down all my thoughts, the blog would be to long!

My rating system is based on 7 factors, hero, side characters, villain, story, technical, costumes, and dialogue. Let’s jump in!


Steve Rogers is a small man from Brooklyn, NY. His deep voice does not match his small stature. But he has heart, and all he wants to do is help people. His parents were in the war, Dad fought and died in the 107 and Mom died of TB. All he has is his best friend Bucky.

He is scrappy and the perfect candidate for the Super Soldier Serum. He isn’t a perfect soldier, but a good man. Overall he is a good hero, wanting to do the best thing, regardless of consequences, and I think he stays true to his character throughout the entire franchise.

Side Characters

Bucky and Peggy are the best ones, but I can’t count just them, as Colonel Chester and other soldiers are there to help Cap fight.

Bucky is the best friend. He sticks beside Steve and believes in their friendship. He is a big science nerd as he spends his last night in town going to a science convention to listen to a speech about the future. I think Bucky is amazing, and I wish we had gotten more 1940s Bucky with his smile and he love of friends and girls, before the war took it from him.

Peggy is a badass. She punched a man in the face, knocking him to the ground, because he made a perverted comment toward her. Iconic. She’s more than just a lover interest to Steve, though their unspoken feelings for each other is palpable in almost every scene they’re in together, she’s a strong woman, an agent, who knows how to fight.


The HYDRA team, specifically their leader Johann Schmidt (aka Red Skull) isn’t anything special. I did learn that they started at Hitler’s research division, which makes sense on why they are so bad and, all around, annoying people. But as far as villains go he isn’t the worst, but he isn’t the best.


When it comes down to it this movie is about a kid from Brooklyn who finally got his chance to prove himself. At its core it’s a good story. There were some brutal murder scenes, I won’t lie. And watching these movies I am expecting a lot of dead people. Seeing Steve yield a gun felt out of character, though not for the time as it was war. I’m fairly certain this is the only movie where Cap ever shoots a gun (correct me if I’m wrong).


The cinematography was good. There were some really cool shots of Cap jumping with a huge explosion behind him. But I think my favourite thing about the technical aspects was the colour. It looks like it’s shot with a colour filter than makes it look like the photos from the 1940s.


There isn’t much to say here, I loved them, especially the suits the men and women wore.


I included this one because typically Marvel movies have some funny lines, but this one didn’t have many. It might be because it felt more like a WWII movie than a superhero Marvel movie.

Rating break down

Hero: 8/10
Side characters: 8/10
Villain: 6/10
Story: 6/10
Technical: 7/10
Costumes: 7/10
Dialogue: 4/10

46/70 = 65%

Like I said, not a bad start. I know there are some great movies to come and I can’t wait to talk about them!

Until next time, nerds!

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