Little Women (2019)

I first saw this movie in December 2019 when it was released. It was the last movie I saw in theatres before it closed. I had the time of my life watching that movie in theatres and I watched it again recently and I wanted to talk about it.

I didn’t write down any thoughts so this is all from memory, I hope it flows well. It’s going to be hard not to be biased as this movie is such a good time for me…without further ado, let’s jump in.

Main Character

I don’t think all of the little women are supposed to be the main characters, but I believe Jo is. Jo is a strong headed woman who loves her sisters more than anything. She is basically selling herself, her stories to help her family. I totally get that, as I’m an author too. It’s admirable the lengths Jo is willing to go to to help her family live, even though she lives in New York.
The first time I watched the movie I was so sad when Jo turned down Laurie’s proposal, but the second time, it made so much sense. He was her best friend, that’s all he would ever be. She didn’t know how to love someone the way he loved her. And because they were opposite sex, everyone assumed, because they got on so well, they would get married. But it was never Jo that Laurie was going to end up with. I think there is something special in having a friendship like Laurie and Jo.

Side Characters

I liked all the sisters, they each delivered a great performance. I love that Meg didn’t need the finer things in life as she only needed those who loved her. It’s nice, but she also shouldn’t have to deny herself some simple pleasures because she’s a wife and mom.
Beth was sweet and kind and she was what brought everyone together again. She loved her family and hated when they fought. I thought she was very sweet, but she was a little sister. She got overshadowed by everyone else.
And Amy. I don’t know if it’s because Florence Pugh did a spectacular job at portraying Amy as a woman and the young child, or because of how poised she had become as a woman. I could write an essay on how much Florence Pugh nailed her performance in this movie, but I’ll keep it short.


The story is about four sisters, each have their own obstacles to overcome; the main issue stemming from being poor. It was a good story about love and family and friends and how it’s best to surround yourself with people who support you and want to lift you up.


The costumes in this movie were incredible. Now, I don’t know if they are era appropriate, but I loved them. I’ve seen some of the cast in photos that looks like they were done in the 1800s in costume and they looked great. I loved just about everything about the wardrobes.


Again, I don’t know much about the 1800s as a time period, but the dialogue felt very old in how they said things and also modern in what they were saying. I loved Amy’s speech about marriage to Laurie.

Review Breakdown

I know for my Marvel reviews I have a few more categories, but I don’t feel they apply to this movie, so they are left out.
main character: 8/10
side characters: 9/10
story: 7/10
costume: 10/10
dialogue: 7/10


I loved this movie, I had a great time watching it!

Do you have a favourite adaptation of Little Women?

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