Josh and Hazel…

Hazel is a hurricane, a cinnamon roll and needs to be protected. Josh is put together and calm, but Hazel brings out the fun, adventurous side of him. Josh brings out the cool side of Hazel. Together I think they are amazing.

I really love this story as them as friends. Josh and Hazel, best friends, I LOVED it. I didn’t think I would be interested in something that was platonic, but their friendship made me so happy. I loved it every time they hung out. I think I needed more, honestly.

And then they had sex.

If this isn’t the most fun I’ve had reading a book! I’ve always been giddy when reading a Christina Lauren book, but there was something different about this one, a friends to lovers was something so fun that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy.

We all know how much I love the enemies to lovers trope, the romantic (i.e. sexual) tension and a slow burn romance is *chef’s kiss*, but a friends to lovers hits differently, and it was so cute.

I have to say that I am extremely happy with the ending. Despite it skipping everything that lead to them being on their third kid and having a home, it was a perfect ending.

Josh and Hazel get a 5/5 star from me. I had the best time. Hazel was chaotic in the best way, she was so loving and cared so deeply. She never forced herself onto Josh, but only wanted to be his best friend, and she was. And he was hers. They were a perfectly imperfect paring.

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