Captain Marvel

I didn’t know how I felt the first time I watching this movie. I think the masses got into my head. She was too powerful, too arrogant, too much. That simply wasn’t the case. I’m surprised with how much I liked this movie!
As always, I will be hitting some plot points, so a spoiler warning is in effect.


Vers, or Carol Danvers, doesn’t know who she is. She turned up on a planet and they took her in. She did her best with the knowledge that she was given. She did her best despite the amount of people holding her back from her true potential. She is strong, brave, powerful, and confident in her abilities. She may not know who she is, but she had confidence in herself regardless.
My only complaint is that she feels too good to be true, like there is no downfall to her, she seemingly has no weakness.

Side Characters

*I will be counting the Skrull as side characters and not villains.

With that being said, all of the sides were great. Maria Rambeau was great. She was the best friend, and despite knowing Carol for years she did try to get to know Carol as she was now.
Nick Fury, hilarious as always with his quick quips. But I think my favourite was Talos. We are made to think he is the bad guy for half the movie, but once we get to hear his side, we start to realize things aren’t what they seem. He is funny, honest, and above all just wants a home for his family. I loved him.


The Kree. With my first watch through, I didn’t see it coming. I was shocked. I’ve never read a comic book, so maybe that seems absurd to some, but that’s what it is.
This time, though I knew, I still believed the Kree had Carol’s best interest at heart (they did not) and that the Skrull were the bad guys (they were not). I think the Kree were selfish and just looking out for themselves, wanting to place blame onto others to get away with the destruction they were causing.


The underlying story of a woman trying to piece together her past to help the future was something I really enjoyed. She had to solve a puzzle when no one else knew who she was either.


Costumes were great, editing was good, CGI was obviously good as it released in 2019. I have no complaints about the technical side of things. Especially since it is not my area of expertise.
I’m not a fan that this came out only a couple months before Endgame, because watching now, in chronological order, it’s a bit strange we don’t see her at least once or two more times before them. Especially with the Guardians of the Galaxy.


My only complaint is that, as much as I think Carol is a badass, she is cursed with being pretty much flawless when it comes to her powers. I don’t personally like that she doesn’t really have a weakness. She’s incredibly powerful, and her powers are cool, she’s less relatable if she doesn’t have a weakness.


The dialogue in this movie was great. Fury was hilarious with his quips, Talos was also a favourite of mine. They had some great lines that brought a smile to my face.

Rating Breakdown

hero 8/10
side characters 8/10
villain 6/10
story 6/10
technical 9/10
action 8/10
dialogue 9/10

59/70 = 84%

Do I have specific standards for these ratings? No. They are just personal opinion and me having a great time!

What did you think about Captain Marvel?

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