Iron Man 2 (2010)

I liked Tony much more in this one. I did like the movie despite everything I didn’t like. So, let’s get into it.


Tony is better in this movie, which I anticipated. As per my last Marvel movie blog post, I believe he gets better as the movies progress. He is still annoying and self-serving, but it’s more charming in this movie. He’s dying and doing his best to make the most of thetime he has left. I do get second-hand embarrassment from his birthday scene. But despite the way he’s constantly dismissing Pepper and always assuming she’s going to clean his messes, I didn’t mind him in this movie.

Side Characters

If I was only including Pepper and Rhodey it’d be a good time. Pepper is very good at handling Tony and all his shenanagins. Don Cheadle as Rhoday is one of my favorite side characters (so far, because Loki or Bucky hasn’t been around yet).

But I have to include Natasha Romanoff. Her character was beyerd terrible in this film. Sure, she had a killer fight scene, but it doesn’t make up for the incredibly over sexualization of her. She was basically there to flirt with Tony. I was so uncomfortable the whole time.


He was just bad. Ivan and Justin. I think Ivan could have been a good bad guy, but the acting and writing of it wasn’t up to par. Justin was just your typical rich white man who wanted to be better than everyone.


There wasn’t much in terms of story. Tony is dying and needs a new element to prevent his arc reactor from actively killing him.


I liked theIron Man suits in this one. Not a far of whatever Ivan had going on, and definitely not a fan of black widow’s outfit.

The sets and cinematography were good. Nothing really stood out as ‘wow!’ in this on. I’m hoping to get more wow from later movies. Though I do need to mention the end credit scene. Colson has been sent to New Mexico and as he’s talking on the phere to Fury, the camera pans away and we just see the hammer in the ground. This made me so excited! Though Then isn’t my favorite Avenger, or really in my top favourite characters, I enjoy his movies.


A lot of explosions and blaing things up. I expected nothing less from a superhero movie. One scene that does stand out as I’m writing this, and it’s near the end when Tony realizes that all the drones were going to explode. He’s Zooming through the sky to save Pepper, within a second he barely lends, grabs her and flies away with explosions in the background. Very dramatic, very cool.


Rhodey’s sass is everything I love in a Marvel movie. But I do have an opinion on one of the worst lines in this movie. Fury is leaving Tony’s house to take care of something else. The talking is done, but Fury just had to turn around and deliver one of the cringest lines… He turns looks at Stark and says “Remember, I’ve got my eye on you.” Not sure why he needed to say something. It didn’t fit, and totally felt forced.

Rating Breakdown

hero 7/10
sides 7/10
villain 4/10
story 5/10
technical 7/10
action 8/10
dialogue 8/10

46/70 = 65%

What do you think of Iron Man 2? Not my favourite of the Iron Man trilogy, but still not my least favourite Marvel movie.

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