Thor (2010)

This is where shit started to get good. Not great, because great is yet to come, but it’s good! I had fun, I loved the characters the story, dialogue. So let’s break it down!


Thor is your typical jock, the rich boy whose daddy will fix his mistakes. I really hated him in the beginning, I thought Loki was right for delaying the ceremony, though, he could have done something not synonymous with treason. But the more time we spent with Thor, the more he began to grow on me. Sure, he was arrogant, thought he was the best thing to roam earth, but he learned from his mistakes. Solid.

Side Characters

This includes Loki, Lady Sif and the warriors three, Jane, Darcy, and Erik. Obviously, I love Loki, like any rational person. He learns his family has taken him from his home planet to use him as a pawn in creating a truce between Asgard and Jotunheim (the land of Frost Giants). He’s never felt he’s belonged and lady Sif even says that he’s always been jealous of Thor. He just wants the same love and attention. Do I agree with his methods? No. Do I like him Anyway? Yes.

Lady Sif? Badass. Jane? Smart. Darcy? Hilarious! The women in this movie were good. I loved that Jane never levered her intelligence to make The feel superior, instead they used both their knowledge.

My only issue with Erik, was if he’d been working with Jane and had known her for some time, why would his first instinct when it came to Then be to doubt her? But, it’s fire, it was minor.

Agent Colson was a GIANT douche in this movie. I really thought he was one of the good ones, but watching it back, he’s so mean, cold, rude, abrasive. Whatever one you want. He’s really over here telling Jane the YEARS She put into her research no longer belongs to her because a shiny hammer that no one can lift fell out of the sky. So all of her hard work suddenly belongs to the government? No, bitch. Go away!


Now, I’m not entirely sure who the proper villain is in this movie, my heart doesn’t want to believe it’s Loki, but rather the Frost Giants. Sure, Loki did some shady shit, but I’ll leave him for the villain in Avengers. They were good. I thought they looked cool. They didn’t really have a goal to achieve besides killing Odin. And I mean, don’t we all?


The best shot from this movie was the one that panned from the bottom of Asgard to the city. It was beautiful. I also loved the costumes. This is where we really start to see the costumes in all their glory. Loki’s outfit is iconic, that helmet he wears as king is so cool.


I didn’t really feel there was much here in terms of action. The only real fight was at the and when Thor bought the fire filled tin man. There was a battle on Jotinheim, where we saw That take on more than he knew how. Am I a qualified action specialist? No. Is that going to stop me from being judgey? Also no.


Darcy carried this movie. She’s so genuinely funny. I got excited every time she was on the screen. Kat Dennings does a fantastic job. There were a few good one liners delivered by Thor as well.

Rating Breakdown

hero 5.5/10
sides 7.5/10
villain 6/10
technical 7/10
action 6/10
dialogue 8/10

48/70 = 68.5%

What are some of your thoughtts on Thor?

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