Writing Update

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a blog post, as I mentioned it was getting too much for me to juggle, but I do still enjoy posting the occasional update.

Chasing You, book two in the Skating Series, has been published for a couple months now. I’m glad to have that story wrapped up and finished. As you may or may not know, it’s a fun little love story I wrote about two figure skaters learning to trust each other as a new pair. It was a really fun story to write, and I think writing fun stories is as important as writing the other stuff.

My Christmas book is off to the editor next month and I’m excited to get that ready for publication.

And the fantasy is in draft two stage. Draft one was so fun to write, as I’ve never written a fantasy before. The things I’ve learned from writing it are invaluable. I can’t wait to get it out there, I’m so proud of how it’s turning out!

Writing books is supposed to be fun, if you’re not having fun maybe take a look at your process. Ask yourself some questions:

Who am I writing for?
If you’re writing books in hopes that people will like it, but you don’t, chances are it’s going to come across that way to readers. You should always be your number one fan.

Why am I writing?
Are you writing to make money and that’s not happening? Are you writing only to hold your book in your hand and maybe others will like it? Writing for different reasons is going to give you a different outcome and feeling.

Find what it is that brings you joy with your writing and hold onto that!

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I am a YA contemporary author who loves the world of fiction! Follow along for tags, reviews, and more!

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