The Locker Letter

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About The Locker Letter

High school senior, Hayley Banks, has been living her life under the radar, in Nashville, for almost a year. She has to come to terms with letting go of her past and embrace who she is now. Hayley’s made two friends, but even they don’t know the whole truth about her. Her friends suggest that Hayley send a cute boy a letter in his locker inviting him to prom. After all, what could go wrong?

Michael Rivers is the school’s stereotypical bad boy, and the last person Hayley thought the letter would go to. He quickly takes an interest in Hayley while she tries her best to hate him. Despite herself, she finds them growing closer.

Their relationship grows complicated when Hayley finds herself wanting to tell him the truth about everything; her past and the letter. Soon, all truths are brought to light when she agrees to take the stand.

“I had so many emotions, from laughing to crying… I definitely will be picking up everything that D. C. Cook puts out!”

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