I am Danielle, also known as, YA contemporary author D. C. Cook. I have a passion for words and helping other authors reach their goals and achieve their dreams.


I have always loved finding typos in books, and I’ve been asked many times to proofread essays for friends. Now, I’m ready to get into it as a career path. I am always studying, and I’m taking a certification course. For more information on what the proofreading services entail, click here!


Have you ever been stuck on what to write, or constantly distracted by shiny new ideas? I sure have! I live in a constant state of distractions, but that means I have the tools on how to stay focused, help you meet your goals, and gain the confidence you need to get your story out there. For more information, click here

Learning is an important part of the writing process. One should always be learning and developing. That’s what D. C. Cook does at A Book’s Nook. She’s constantly learning to better her knowledge and to better help her clients.


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