The Holliday Inn

Who can you trust with your heart if you can’t trust your own family?

Molly Holliday spends her Friday night alone, watching after the inn, while her parents go out. What she doesn’t know is they aren’t coming home. A police officer tells her, the next morning, that her parents have been in an accident. Now, Molly has to call her siblings and hope they come home. She doesn’t expect to make friends with Teagan, the school’s goth girl who had lost her mother just the year before. Things take an unexpected turn when Molly develops feelings for Teagan.

Declan Holliday has given up on finding someone special. He’d already experienced his one great love in high school, but when he moved to London and she didn’t go with him, that was the end of the line for them. Until his phone rings with Molly telling him he has to come home. Now he has to run the family inn, do his job in London remotely, and try to deny any feelings he may still have for Olive.

Ainsley Holliday is an editor for a fancy news blog in New York. It was her dream and she followed it, despite her mother casting her out for it. She hasn’t been home in over three years when a family incident virtually destroyed their family. On her flight back to the UK, she decided to keep her guard up. She would stay for the month and then back to New York. But when she meets the fun and attractive photographer, Gavin, her walls start to come down.

With Declan and Ainsley going back to Holly Grove, the three siblings must work through the trauma of their parents’ accident, learning who their people are, and what it truly means to be a family. Can they patch the bond they once had and finally be happy? Or will the incident have been too much and pull them apart again?

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