February Wrap Up!

February was hard month for me, a lot of personal things were piling up and I found it hard to pick up a book.

I have been trying to finish The Selection series. I’m on the last book. But because I read the first two so quickly it was hard to keep going. I do like the series, and wish I had paced it out. I find the love triangle daunting. And never really felt connected to the characters, nor particularly felt like America really loved either boy. However, I will be picking it up again next month. Hopefully the break for a new book will help!

I also tried reading more into The Savior’s Sister by Jenna Moreci. I loved the first book, The Savior’s Champion. TSS is the companion novel telling the same story but from a different point of view. We see everything on the other side of the palace door that Tobias didn’t.

I was really excited for that book, and bought almost the same day it came out. But, it deals with really heavy things, and I wasn’t in the right head space for more heavy emotions. I think I’m going to pick up the audiobook for it.

Tell me what you’ve read last month, or what you’re currently reading!

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