Iron Man (2008)

I’ll be honest, I fell asleep watching this one. I think the early movies in the MCU are a bit underwhelming, but can still be enjoyed. I’m excited to get to the later movies!


Tony Stark is the epitome of not doing something until something bad happens to him. Mass produce weapons and only make a change when you nearly die at the hand of one of them? Okay. Do I think he’s charming? Not overly. Did I want anything bad to happen to him? Also no. At this point, I’m neutral on Tony.

Side Characters

Pepper, Happy, and Rhodey, all great characters. I like Pepper and how confident she is, how sure of everything she is. She’s intelligent and capable of so much more than putting up with Tony. Rhodey in this movie is fine (I prefer Don Cheadle).


It makes sense that the rich white man wants to stay rich. He tries to capitalize on Tony and the trauma he’s been through.


He is a phoenix who rose from the ashes, or so he says. I do agree that it’s a great story, learning that you’re not perfect and having the ability to do things to change.


I mean…it was there. Like I said I’m not big on the early movies, especially the Iron Man movie. It’s fine, the fighting was okay.


I like the costumes. The original iron man suit is one of my favourites. I don’t have much to say on the cinematography or editing. It was an action movie; I don’t the superhero vibes until later on.


There’s no complaints here, I think it’s got some great one liners, an amazing performance from RDJ.

Review Breakdown

hero 7/10
side characters 7/10
villain 4.5/10
story 7/10
action 6/10
technical 7/10
dialogue 5/10

43.5/10 = 62%

Overall, it’s a solid movie. I can’t be too harsh as it released in 2008. I think it is a good introduction to the MCU, but I would argue Avengers would be better and then go back to learn where they came from.

I think as the movies go on I will like Tony more, but I don’t care for him in the first movie; however I do think RDJ does a great job at portraying Stark.

What do you think? Do you like the first Iron Man movie?

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